Because even Entrepreneurs Research (BeER)

It takes a lot of resources to discover new things, but at the end discoveries are useless if not used for the benefit of the society. While it is the researcher who discover new things, it is the entrepreneur who make the research useful by making it available to the society. As a platform designed to provide students and researchers to showcase their research along with providing various outlooks of research, the Academics and Research Cell plans to organize an event to introduce researchers to the entrepreneurial scope of research in the Student Research Convention.

The Convention aims to achieve its goal by :
1. The SRC team in collaboration with E-Cell, IIT Kanpur will invite entrepreneurs who were once researchers, and have turned their research work into a successful businesses. The professionals are expected to motivate the participants of the convention with their experience as a researcher-turned-entrepreneur, and the way to pass hurdles in doing so.
2. Various Lectures and Presentations. The themes will be:
* What makes research turn into marketable products
* Entrepreneurial opportunities after PhD
* Skillsets need for researchers to turn into entrepreneurs
3.To make them aware of the various opportunities in IITs and govt. policies which can help them with funding and how to approach industries.

Benefits :
1. The event will serve as a platform for the participants to interact with the professionals and gain experiences of transition from a researcher to an entrepreneur. This will provide direction to the individuals who are planning to build a business.
2. The event will also motivate researchers towards developing new technologies based on their research interest.
3. The event will help in boosting the idea of start-ups among researchers. (can be linked with Startup-India initiative)
4. The event will help the researchers gain knowledge of the various govt. policies that might help them.



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