Exhibitions would be of primary interest to freshers and budding researchers alike, for the simple reason that these would help students explore the resources at IIT Kanpur, both the institutional ones, like labs, incubation centre, etc and the ones driven primarily by students, like Student Gymkhana Clubs, etc. This event would be ‘fair-like’ with scores of individuals or groups from diverse areas showcasing their work in ‘stalls’ which students can visit as per their interest.

The major contributors to the exhibitions would be:

1. Research Labs at IITK:
IIT Kanpur boasts some of the best educational research facilities in the country, and this would be the time to showcase their expertise, by displaying their accomplishments and accolades. This would make both the students of IITK and external students aware of the potential work places for their research related work.

2. Local industries:
Kanpur is an industrial city, and being one entails the fact that it has many industries situated nearby who are making small innovations, if not large ones, in their factories or work places to increase productivity. By inviting such industries and showcasing their ideas to the students, we would be able to present a very real-life idea of how innovation can be carried out.

3. Startups:
IIT Kanpur boasts of a seasoned incubation centre SIIC. Many startups (26 have graduated as of now) have germinated from here, and we plan on inviting them to showcase their innovative ideas and inspire confidence in budding researchers to work on theirs.

4. Student Gymkhana Clubs:
We have one of the most active Gymkhanas among the IITs, and consequently we have a plethora of student oriented activities going on. Some of them are quite involving, requiring days of research. Interested clubs will showcase their innovative or research oriented work. Robotics Club, Electronics Club, Programming Club, BRaIN, Aeromodelling club and teams from AUV, IGVC and SAE will present themselves and their achievements.

5. NGOs and innovative impecunious students:
Many bright students are unable to carry on their research due to lack of funds. Showcasing works of such students would not only motivate them to keep going, but might also land them financial help if a faculty develops interest in their work. It would also be a good example of how innovation crosses all barriers to bring itself to the forefront.



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