The workshops aim to :
1. Ignite the spark for research and innovation in the minds of students, inspiring them through research dialogues and keynote speeches by eminent personalities.
2. Clear their doubts associated with ‘entering the field of research’, ‘developing in your field’, ‘life of a researcher’ and ‘accomplishing short and long term goals’.
3. Discuss the current scenario of research in the country, the facilities and technologies available, in a broader sense.

Workshops shall be divided into the following categories:

1. Keynote Speeches :
These would be one of the attractions of SRC. They would be delivered by eminent personalities, pioneering researchers, professors and scientists to showcase accomplishments of research (in perhaps a not-very-technical manner) in several fields.

2. Exhibitions :
As the name suggests, the plan is to exhibit various research activities happening in the IIT Kanpur’s campus, invite and showcase innovations of local industrialists and startups, and to display the facilities available at IITK to its own students as well as external students and visiting faculty.

3. Fundamental questions in research :
Sessions in this category would try to answer the tricky questions on why to enter the field of research in first place, why is innovation important, to present incentives in this field and give students a flavor of what a researcher’s life is like while pursuing higher education like PhD, and beyond it.

4. Topic based research dialogues :
These would be technical, specific and to-the –point sessions for students in the know-how of their field of interest, and would present concise application-based content. They would also include skill development workshops on hot topics for budding researchers to initiate their research. This would also include departmental research groups to conduct workshops to interact with the student community.

5. Technological talks and panels :
These interactive sessions would be aimed at discussing the state of research in the country, the facilities available, the lack of technology and other issues faced by researchers at the grass-root level. These talks would try to provide solutions on how to make best use of what is currently available.

6. Soft skill workshops :
These are aimed at students planning to pursue a career in research but are not sure how to go about it. This would comprise workshops on basic skills required to conduct research efficiently.
They would comprise the following topics :
1. Writing a good research paper :
At UG and PG level, research papers are critical to one’s success in the field and hence, a workshop presenting how to go about it makes sense. It would aim to clear the doubts of student, present them examples of good research papers and perhaps provide insight on how the selection of abstract is done in a journal or reviewing panel, what points are considered, etc.
2. Being a good presenter :
Even a very innovative and practical idea might not be able to entice investors for the simple reason that it is not correctly presented. This workshop would aim to show the right direction in presenting one’s work in the most efficacious way.
3. Designing in research :
There are several softwares and technologies available that can be helpful in research. For example, LateX or Publisher are especially helpful while creating posters or writing research papers. Database tools such as MS Access or SQL are also helpful in maintaining records. The workshop will aim to introduce students to these tools and their benefits.
4. Research ethics :
While research can vary a great deal from discipline to discipline, some general guidelines are omnipresent. This workshop would provide a general outline for this, making students feel what it is like when you’re in a research oriented work routine.
5. Getting scholarships, projects and internships :
Any serious research usually requires funding, and failing to get them usually has unpleasant consequences. Though, in India we do have several research scholarship schemes which should surely be on the radar of any budding researcher so that he can steer clear of the ‘insufficient funds’ issue. This workshop would present procedure on how to secure one. It would also present basic guidelines to follow when applying for internships or projects, how to approach professors both in their own campus and outside.
6. Patents and technological commercialization :
Sometimes a student might arrive at an innovative concept or equipment, how does one make sure no one infringes our idea without consent? The answer to that are patents and this workshop would in part cover basic procedure on the patent filing process. The other part would be aimed at the more general topic of commercializing the technology a student devises.



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