Step 1: Instructions And Guidelines

Please follow the following guidelines for registration payment very closely. In case of any doubts, kindly contact the team before making any transaction. If a transaction made is not in accordance with the stated guidelines below, we can not guarantee a refund for the same and the participant will have to make the payment again for completing their registration.

Step 2: Payment

  1. You will be directed to the following page. Please read the terms and conditions of the bank carefully before proceeding.

  2. Click on checkbox and proceed to payment.

  3. In the payment category, select 'STUDENTS GYMKHANA'.

  4. In the Councils section on next page, select 'PRESIDENT ACCOUNT'.

  5. Enter your name in name section and your SRCID (eg. 19***) in the Roll number section.

  6. Select Students Research Convention in the Event Name, and Registration fees in the ‘payment made for’ option.

  7. Enter an amount of Rs. 400/- in the option for ‘Amount’.

  8. Enter your name, date of birth, mobile number, and the captcha code on the bottom of the page and proceed for payment.

  9. After confirming personal details, you will be directed to following options for payment. Choose any one and proceed.

  10. After the transaction is completed, please take a printout of the receipt and save it. Though the receipt can be generated again, it is advised to save it in a safe location.

Step 3: Folder Submission

You are required to upload the following files/documents in a .zip (folder named as [SRCID].zip example 19***.zip) below.

  • Payment receipt from SBI I-Collect (.pdf) (not applicable for IITK Students)
  • Copy of your college ID card (.pdf/.jpg/.png)
  • Copy of your government photo ID card (.pdf/.jpg/.png)
  • Work on which your presentation will be based (paper/article/critical review) (strictly .pdf). Please note that the participant(s) must be the original author(s) (or one of the authors) of this document.