Oral Presentations

Conference Name Position Abstract Title
Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering Semayat Fanta 1st Finite element modeling of Fiber Reinforced Composite laminates subjected to low velocity impact
Bio-Engineering Aarush Mohit Mittal 1st Convergence overcomes random connectivity to enable stereotypic sensory responses
Vijai Laxmi 2nd Separation and enrichment of platelets in blood plasma from whole blood on a passive microfluidics device
Chemical Engineering and Technology Nandlal Pingua 1st Mechanism of stable stacking-disorder ice, pentagonal rings formation and crystallization in supercooled monatomic (mW) water
Chemistry and Chemical Processes Milan Maji 1st Sustainable Synthesis of N-Heterocycles in Water using Alcohols following the Double Dehydrogenation Strategy
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Abhishek Srivastava, Rohan Datta 1st Evaluation of Word Embeddings for Semantic and Syntactic Tasks in Code-Mixed Social Media Text
Sahil Parvez 2nd Security in defence and industrial system using 3D fingerprints
Energy, Environment and Climate Change K Sanjana 1st Designing of S/Se encapsulated rGO as active cathode material for high-performance Li-S/Se batteries
Geological and Civil Engineering Saloni Shah 1st A comparative assessment of fragility curves developed using different analytical techniques
Mechanical Engineering and Design Akanksha Gupta 1st Nonlinear interaction of surface gravity waves with bottom ripples
Moumita Mistri 2nd Effect of TiC Reinforcement to Tribaloy-T400 Plasma Sprayed Coating: Mechanical and Tribological Properties.
Nanomaterials and Material Engineering Vikram Soni 1st Effect of Nanoadditive Particles Segregation on Phase Change Morphology in Latent Thermal Energy Storage System.
Rubia Hassan 1st Effect of solid solution formation on densification and oxidation resistance in ZrB2 with HfB2

Poster Presentations

Conference Name Position Abstract Title
Bio-Engineering Shrihari Negi 1st Understanding the importance of non-conservation of highly conserved cysteine residue in ATPase domain of mitochondrial Hsp70s of yeast
Tanya Mathur 2nd Structure-Function relationship during ligand receptor interaction
Chemistry and Chemical Processes Rohil Vaidya 1st Modulation of emission signal via conformational switching of a fluorescence chemosensor upon analyte binding
Sneha Venkatachalapathy 2nd Synthesis of new triazole linked N-glycosides of coumarins and quinolones with ROS-mediated toxicity in breast cancer
Electronics and Electrical Engineering Ruchi Tripathi 1st Dynamic Matrix Completion
Geological and Civil Engineering Siddhartha Sanjay Deosthale 1st Delineation of water bearing strata and potential groundwater recharge zones using Electrical Resistivity data: A case study at IIT Kanpur campus
Anab Laha 2nd Forest fire risk assessment using Earth Observation (EO) data and multi-criteria decision-making technique, Sikkim
Nanomaterials and Material Engineering Arun Kumar Agarwal 1st Effect of molecular weight and annealing on the thermal properties of nanoscale PANI-CSA films