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Students' Research Convention 2019

IIT Kanpur being one of the premier institutes of the country is at the frontier of scientific progress in the diverse fields of research. As a student body aimed at promoting student-based research at IIT Kanpur, ARC has organised a Students' Research Convention (SRC).

SRC is a multi-conference research convention, a platform to present and share research experiences and provide an opportunity to interact with leading researchers across the globe.

Event Highlights

Day 1

The 2nd Edition of the Students' Research Convention started with the first set of conferences. The morning conferences illustrated the technical acumen and hard work put in by the participants. The conferences were followed by one of our featured events, DaRe. The speakers, Shri A.S. Parihar and Dr S.M. Abbas gave an insightful talk on how research matters in the field of defence and security. The post-lunch sessions saw another three conferences with informing poster sessions. We were then graced by Dr Archana Bhattacharyya, our featured guest and Dr Mohua Banerjee, the head of Women's Cell, IIT Kanpur as part of the WiRe event. Dr Bhattacharyya's ideas on geomagnetism in general and women in science in particular were really intriguing. Thereafter, the Chief Guest of the Convention, Dr. Chidambaram fascinated the wide audience present through his talk on "Multiple Dimensions in Research". The day ended with our flagship event BeER, which really engaged the audience with an interactive session discussion on the relation between entrepreneurship and research.

Day 2

The final day of SRC'19 continued to witness the amazing conferences and talks on varied topics ranging from energy and climate to Women in Research. The Morning conferences were followed by the flagship event "Am I on the Right Track?", which inspired students to find the career stream they are passionate about and make them realise the vast potential their future holds. The day only got better as we got the opportunity to be an audience to an eye-opening discussion on Industrial vs Academic Research under the premiere edition of InvAR. The panel featured Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Prof. C S Upadhyay and Prof. Avinash Agarwal who suggested different ways to bridge the gap between industry and academia. The final talk of the day, organized in association with Women’s Cell, was graced by Dr. Rohini Godbole. Her deep insights on " Life in science" through her mammoth experience were highly inspiring young and experienced minds alike. With the motivation from successful researchers and inspiration from key industry leaders, SRC’19 concluded remarkably with a captivating "Networking Dinner".

Detailed coverage of various events will be released soon

A Platform for

Bring your research to the forefront

SRC provides a brilliant platform to present and share your research experiences and the opportunity to interact with leading researchers from all around the globe.

A Plethora Of Events

Enjoy events across many domains

With events ranging from industrial research to the significance of research for entrepreneurs, SRC provides a chance to learn about and venture into new domains of research.

  • Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering
  • Bio-Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering and Technology
  • Chemistry and Chemical Processes
  • Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Economics and Public Policies
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  • Energy, Environment and Climate Change
  • Engineering Physics
  • Geological and Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Technology and Management
  • Mechanical Engineering and Design
  • Nanomaterials and Material Engineering
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics

As most of the conferences are department or topic specific, this event will provide a good opportunity for students from different domains to learn about new fields and get reviews on their work through lively discussion and critical feedback from the acknowledged professors, researchers and industrial personnel from different research areas.

What's In It For You?

  1. Get a unique platform and experience which will help you to start early in your research career.

  2. Get an in-depth and thorough analysis of the current status of your work by the professionals in the field.

  3. Interact with the renowned scholars and personalities, gracing SRC'19 with their presence.

  4. Be recognized for your work through prizes and certificates.

Am I On The Right Track

Am I On the Right Track is a session that aims to provide students with information about what their future will hold on pursuing a particular career path (Industry, Science or Entrepreneurship). As most of the students have a vague opinion regarding their future, this session will help them decide what they really want to do, and what practices to follow to become a success in the career path they choose.


Industrial vs Academic Research

In this event, we aim to bring together top industrialists and people from academia to discuss what the challenges to industry-academia collaboration are and ways to overcome these challenges. We hope that this event will be the start of a new and better relationship of collaboration and synergy between the two domains.


Because even Entrepreneurs Research

This event will give students a chance to meet entrepreneurs who were once researchers and have turned their research work into a successful business. The professionals are expected to motivate the participants of the convention with their experience as a researcher-turned-entrepreneur, and the way to pass hurdles in doing so.


Women in Research

Through this event, we aim to introduce women into the research pipeline in an attempt to empower gender equality in the campus and improve the quality and quantity of scientific research in the campus and in the country. Top women researchers from the country will give a glimpse of their journey and inspire greater participation from women in the field of research.


Defence and Research

Research and academia have found a way in a multitude of domains which in turn has helped in the betterment of society. In this event, we hope to see how research has helped in the defense of the country, the latest technologies in this domain, and the need and requirement of bright researchers in this domain.

Chief Guest

R Chidambaram

  • Former Principal Scientific Advisor to the Govt of India
  • Former Director, Homi Bhabha Prof, BARC
  • Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission of the Government of India
  • Integral role in India's nuclear weapons program; he coordinated test preparation for the Pokhran-I (1975) and Pokhran-II (1998).


Tej Pandey

  • COO and Co-founder at Mobiotics
  • Alumni, IIT Kanpur and IIM graduate


Rohini M Godbole

  • Padma Shri (2019), Government of India
  • Vice President, National Academy of Sciences, India
  • Chair, WiS panel of the Indian National Science Academy

Am I On The Right Track

Sandeep Shukla

  • Poonam and Prabhu Goel Chair Professor and Head of Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT Kanpur
  • Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Embedded Systems
  • Associate Editor for ACM Transactions on Cyber Physical Systems


Dr Archana Bhattacharyya

  • INSA Senior Scientist
  • Former Director & J. C. Bose National Fellow, Indian Institute of Geomagnetism
  • Former Senior Research Associate at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Massachusetts, USA

Am I On The Right Track

Rajiv Kumar

  • CEO of Accessories Complex of HAL
  • Co-opted member of High Powered Committee (HPC) for National Civil Aircraft Development Programme (NCAD)
  • Member of Lucknow Management Association (LMA) and Aeronautical Society of India(AeSI)
  • Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA and also an alumnus of National Law School of India University


Ankit Agarwal

  • Founder of HelpUsGreen
  • Former Executive Board Member, Oikos Foundation
  • UN Young Leader for SDG 2018


Prof. Mohua Banerjee

  • Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Chairperson of Women's Cell, IIT Kanpur
  • Fellow of the International Rough Set Society (IRSS)


Prof. Ankush Sharma

  • Former Research Scientist at TATA Consultancy Services and Wipro
  • Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur


Prof. Avinash Kumar Agarwal

  • Incoming ADIC (Associate Dean of Industrial Collaboration) at IITK
  • Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Kanpur
  • Fellow of SAE International and INAE (Indian National Academy of Engineering)

Am I On The Right Track

Prof. Manindra Agarwal

  • Deputy Director and Professor of Computer Science at IIT Kanpur
  • Padma Shri (2013), Government of India
  • Recipient of the first Infosys Prize for Mathematics, and the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award in Mathematical Sciences


Prof. A.K. Ghosh

  • Head of Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Kanpur
  • Former Scientist at DRDO and received the DRDO Technology Award in 1993

Am I On The Right Track

Prof. Kantesh Balani

  • Selected as 2018 ASM-IIM Visiting Lecturer by ASM International
  • Awarded prestigious “Swarnajayanti Fellowship Award 2016-17” by Government of India
  • Professor in the Department of Material Science and Engineering at IIT Kanpur.

March 30

sl session venue time
1 Geological and Civil Engineering Conference L 5 9am - 11am
Nanomaterials and Material Engineering Conference L 6 9am - 11am
2 DaRE L 1 11am - 12:30pm
3 Lunch -- 12:30pm - 1:30pm
4 Bio-Engineering Conference L 6 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Chemical Engineering and Technology Conference L 5 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Electronics and Electrical Engineering Conference L 3 1:30pm - 3:30pm
5 WiRE (Archana Bhattacharya) L 16 3:30pm - 4:30pm
6 Day 1 Closing Ceremony (Chief Guest) L 16 4:30pm - 6:30pm
7 BeER L 16 6:30pm - 8pm

March 31

sl session venue time
1 Chemistry and Chemical Processes Conference L 11 9am - 11am
Energy, Environment and Climate Change Conference L 12 9am - 11am
2 Am I On The Right Track L 16 11am - 1pm
3 Lunch -- 1pm - 2pm
4 Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering Conference L 11 2pm - 4pm
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Conference L 12 2pm - 4pm
Mechanical Engineering and Design Conference L 13 2pm - 4pm
5 InVAR L 16 4pm - 6pm
6 Day 2 Closing Ceremony (Rohini Godbole) L 16 6pm - 7:30pm
7 Networking Dinner Auditorium Ground 7:30pm - 9pm

The following conferences have been cancelled due to insufficient registrations:


Abstract submission starts

Feb 1, 2019

Abstract submission deadline

Extended to March 15, 2019

Registration deadline

March 25, 2019

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